Hi, I saw your ad on Facebook – I got my free guide to saving my love life – I can’t believe it’s free, you could make a fortune with this! I was totally blind to the ways I was putting my wife down, we are on the up now – thanks to you.
My name is Pete, I’m 48 and I’m looking forward to a much happier marriage.

“ I clicked your link for a free guide to saving my marriage not really believing that I could save my relationship in 10 days. I have to tell you that Day 9 did it for me, I put myself in my husband’s shoes and thought about all the things you said in the previous days, all the stuff about arguing, respect, negotiation and I thought, he doesn’t see why I get so wound up, he thinks he is doing what he has to do. We have both read your course now and things are getting better every day, I think we can save our marriage. Thanks and God Bless.” Irene P.

“Mary’s ebook was terrific, and her free 21 day course was a Godsend in my email every day. Thanks for the helpful, insightful stuff!” – Scott E, Dunedin

“I signed up for the free 21 day course out of curiosity, I’m glad I did, but it really did the business with the ebook, How to Get Your Life Back. I’m a Human Resources Manager, I’m using this material for myself and my staff, thanks a million.” – Grace J. Edinburgh

“I thought I wasn’t going to survive my 3 teenage boys – now I’ve ‘Got My Life Back’ – I tell them what happens, and they listen!!!” – Elizabeth T. Waimate

“Your 10 Day Course really did save my relationship, I copied each day’s email and gave it to my husband, thanks to you we are getting our act together and having fun! Thnx” – Rosie W. Brisbane

“I’m a student and money is tight so I got your free course, it really has given me more confidence and heaps of ideas for the future, love your blog too.” – Jackson T. Ohio

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