Life After Divorce – Believe in Yourself

I thought I’d be back here about three weeks ago to follow up on my last post – Walking the Talk. One thing for sure, life after divorce can be unpredictable.

I’ve had to pull up my big girl pants and get on with a few things over the last 3 weeks – in short, I’ve had to believe I could get things done. I’ve found a new home for myself and my animals, my family has grown up, so I’m not having to manage little children through this life event. My heart goes out to those of you that are getting through this with children.

Children were a big part of why I wrote this book in the first place. I realised, through my work, that parents trying to negotiate divorce with children to care for need a helping hand. I hope this ebook I’ve written is just that. No waffle, easy to read, step by step guide, including ideas to help manage your children.


The second step in the first part of the book we’re reviewing is BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

What are you good at?

What do you do every day?

It’s easy to lose sight of just how capable you are. My guess is that you are juggling a career and a family, you’ll be working, shopping, caring for your children, cooking meals, cleaning the house, trying to keep up with friends, paying the bills, getting the car serviced, visiting your children’s schools, washing the clothes and on and on and on!!

Just doing these things makes you SUPER WOMAN OR SUPER MAN.

That’s just the start, you may have a hobby that you are good at, you may be a listening ear for your friends, perhaps you care for an elderly relative…..

If you think you’re not doing any of these things make your own list of all the things you can do and all the things you achieve every day.

Do make your list and read it, read it anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed, remind yourself that you are a talented capable person.


And did this part work for me – yes it did!  I do have the skills to deal with getting a new home, I believed I could do it and I did. Now of course, I have to organise a whole lot of stuff in order to get there!

STEP 3 IN THE EBOOK – Don’t worry, get busy!  That sounds about right!

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