What Do Your Friends Really Think About You?

             How do your friends really feel about you?MPj03863640000[1]




Of course they think you’re great, they are your friends, Right?

Wrong! Many of our friends are too polite to tell us what they really think about us.

Mostly we all get along or we wouldn’t be friends, but there are times when you feel a little niggle, be honest.

Guess what?  They feel little niggles about you too.

How can you know what your friends really think about you?

And will you like it?

Try this – Imagine you are your friend, get into this, see yourself in their work place or home, looking just like them, then think about how you treat them.

Are you honest?

Do you let them down more often than you should?

Do you really listen to them?

Yeh, it’s hard, if that’s too hard try this, imagine you are your pet, how does your pet feel about you?

Or imagine that you are your partner or spouse, how do you treat them?

Do you take your anger about other things out on them when you get home?

Do  you sharpen your sarcasm on them, hone your put downs?

I came across this little exercise in a book I was reading, I tried it and I learned a lot!

It’s amazing how much you can learn by putting yourself in another person’s shoes.


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