Hi, It’s your vibe calling.

What is your vibe telling you?

How are you vibrating?
Are you well?
Are you happy?
Are you on purpose?

• Quantum physics – everything is made of energy. What you are and what you see around you depends on the frequency of energy vibrations.
If you put a rock under an electron microscope it doesn’t seem to be solid at all. You can see the spaces between the atoms, similarly, we are made up of atoms and their cohorts vibrating at various frequencies.
• Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist has shown the world that water is affected by the vibrations around it – truly, look him up on Google, http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/water-crystal.html

• Given that you and I are about 80% water it would follow that we too, are affected by whatever is vibrating around us – and how we are causing ourselves to vibrate.
Your aura, it’s like an energy rainbow extending a metre or so out from your body, vibrates in tune with whatever is going on for you at any particular time. You have probably noticed that you can pick up the atmosphere in a room without anybody saying a word – you have picked up the energy vibration in the room, through your aura.
• People who can see auras can tell how your health is simply by having a look for tears or holes in your energy field. Other people can feel with their hands what is going on for you.
Have you ever experienced energy healing? Reiki? Quantum Touch?
• The benefit for you is that an energy healing can help your body vibrate at a more healthy level,
Thereby helping you to de-stress, relax, heal, sleep better, manage day to day interactions in a more positive and productive way.
Combine that with Solution Focused Problem Solving and Coaching and you will have found a way to get your body, mind and spirit to work together holistically for your greatest good.

Reiki is a vibrational healing modality and as such can be used to send healing energy over vast distances.
Solution Focused Coaching is a gentle and supportive way for you to find and implement your own answers to your problems.
Interested to know more or arrange a healing or coaching session? Contact me, mary@yemanyacoaching.com
Next time – how does dowsing and reading tarot cards fit with energy vibrations.

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