Something Was Missing.

Hello, it seems almost strange in some ways to be back on this page. When I was last here blogging, sharing my thoughts on life, what I was reading etc., etc., I kinda thought that if you got your career and your relationship right you would be sorted. Right? WRONG.
There was something missing. That something as it turns out was the bit that we don’t see in the mirror, the bit that people might feel but can’t always put a name to, the bit that silently tries to get our attention day in day out.
What do you call it? Intuition? Gut Feeling? The Little Voice in your head? God?
Spirit? Great Mystery of the Universe?
I don’t think it matters what you call it, I’m just very glad that my bit kept prodding me long enough that I began to pay attention.
Here we are then, a new page.
On this page I am a Reiki 3 Practitioner, Runester and Tarot Reader, I’m also using my dowsing / diving skills almost daily. Very handy for working out which foods are best for me at any given time!
I’m able to offer you distance Reiki, Tarot or Rune readings on line. Hopefully the webpage to deal with it all will be live soon. Meantime you can contact me by email.
love & blessings
P.S. What have the penguins got to do with it all – Nothing I just love them.

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