Thirty Tips To Get Your Life Back After Divorce.

Getting your life back on track after a divorce should be more about finding yourself rather than finding another partner.
If you don’t know who you are and what you stand for you probably won’t have much luck finding a partner that shares or understands your values, sense of humour or passions.
A divorce is a life changing event whether you like it or not, however, you don’t need to feel that you must fix your life immediately. In fact it is usually better to take time to take stock and recover from the upheaval.
Making the most of a life change involves looking at things differently and seeing opportunities that you may not have previously been able to take advantage of.
1. Don’t go for a quick fix.
2. Believe in yourself.
3. Don’t worry, get busy.
4. Be creative.
5. Do something physical.
6. Relax or meditate every day.
7. Help other people.
8. Get a pet.
9. Keep in touch with old friends.
10. Make new friends.
While you are in the transition phase, i.e. getting your life back on track, it is good to find some activities that will take your mind away from your daily routine. Walking, doing the housework in the evening, go to a film show, gardening – or join a community garden, listen to music. The trick is to surrender control. Problems are only problems if you see them that way. Taking time away from your worries often frees up your brain to come up with solutions.
Worrying causes more problems than it solves, these 10 things will bring you down.

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