There are only two ways to make money

Enough!! I don’t want another ‘make money’ e-mail – ever!
You wouldn’t believe how much junk mail I get – people use my contact details to send all sorts of stuff I never want to read. Most of it is to do with making money on the internet.
Most people in this lifetime are not going to make a fortune on the internet.
There are only two ways to make money.
1. Work hard and apply yourself consistently.
2. Get lucky!
But not being mega rich isn’t the end of the world.
It’s good to have enough money to be comfortable, to feed the kids and keep them clothed and warm. Bonus if you can have a holiday now and again.
In my other life, I do have another job, I manage 14 staff, they are not on big money, yet some of them manage very well while others are always broke.
Because I’m ‘into’ what motivates people I watch and listen to try to understand the differences.
Which one are you?
• You smoke, drink regularly, buy energy drinks and fast food and complain that you never have any money.
• You keep your head down, save a little, budget for your monthly bills, get on with the job, work an extra shift when it comes up. You are happily secure, no worries. You would accept promotion if it was offered.
• You are noticeable at work, you have good ideas, but you are a bit pushy with them. You complain that you are hard up, you make loaded comments within earshot of the boss about getting a pay rise. Yet you are not there when extra help is needed.
I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Step back and take a look at
• how you manage your money,
• what you are doing about getting some more – if you want more,
• take some time to appreciate what you have got.
Don’t be deceived by promises of making a fortune, only a few people ever do – and you don’t need a fortune to be happy.

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