Will You Be Lucky After Your Divorce

I came across the following four qualities that are common among ‘lucky’ people in a book by Richard Wiseman, ‘The Luck Factor’. He says that lucky people have four particular skills and behaviour patterns which enable them to attract more luck.
1. The ability to create opportunities and notice chances.
2. The use of intuition to make decisions.
3. The habit of deciding to make a bad or unlucky situation into a good one.
4. A positive expectation of life.
Will you be any luckier after your divorce that you were before it?
1.A divorce is a drastic way to change your life, but it does give you opportunities you might not have had before it, e.g. you may now be free to move to another town, job, country. You will have the chance to change the way you live, what you do with your free time, who you socialise with – it’s up to you whether you take the chance or not.
2. Go with your gut feelings – your intuition will help you choose where to go, who to spend time with, if it feels right pursue it, if it feels wrong leave it alone.
3. Make the best of your situation, there is always something to learn from every experience we have. You may not have as much money, you may have to live in a smaller house – but you are free to watch what you like on t.v., invite who you like to your home, eat what you like, take holidays when you like. It’s all about enjoying what you do have rather than wasting time longing for what you did have.
4. Being positive is probably the most important thing you can do. I believe you get what you think about, so make sure you are thinking about good stuff! Being positive is accepting an invitation – even if you don’t feel like it – you know what is going to happen if you stay home alone – you might just have fun if you take the opportunity to get out among people.
Luck – a lot of it is down to whether or not you want to make it!

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