Fur Coat And No Knickers

When I was a kid we had an expression, “She’s all fur coat and no knickers”  Yep, this is still on the underwear theme.  Are you one thing on the outside and another underneath?

Now this made me laugh – 

I’m sure Amazon don’t sell second hand knickers, but that’s how my mind works!

Anyhow it doesn’t matter if you wear big knickers like the ones above or skimpy little things like these,

The point is – are you ready to step out in your underwear? Metaphorically speaking, of course, If you are not being true to yourself and your core beliefs you will never get your life on track. What does this really mean?

It means – be honest – not two faced
It means – treat other people the way you want to be treated
It means – be positive, there is an opportunity in everything that happens, you just have to look for it.
It means – leave judgement behind – step out of judgement into acceptance, things are what they are, people chooses to be what they are.
It means – the only thing you can change is yourself and how you see things.

So, where on the line up are you? Fur coat and no knickers or are you ready to step out in your underwear?

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