You Don’t Deserve To Be Knocked About.

By the time you are five years old much of your personality will be formed.
Everything that has happened to you from the moment you were born will have had an impact on how you see yourself and how you see the world.
Once you have a belief about who you are or how things are it sticks.
Some beliefs you will be conscious of others will be held in your subconscious.
Then you will go about making life ‘fit’ your belief system.
Try this for size.
Angela expects people to treat her as though she is worthless. She picks men that confirm that belief. The men that Angela is comfortable with are bullies, they put her down, insult her and push her around. That fits with what Angela believes, she thinks she is worthless, ugly and not very smart, so deep down she agrees with what they say, it confirms her beliefs about herself – and her belief that men are no good.
How did this come about?
Angela’s father was a bully. He insulted her and hit her from the time she was a tiny toddler. He treated her mother like a slave. This is what Angela expects.
When Angela meets a ‘good guy’, she feels uncomfortable, she feels that she doesn’t deserve to be treated well or kindly, her discomfort gives the wrong message and the ‘good guy’ thinks he’s not welcome.
If this sounds like you, you can get help to change the way you think about yourself. You deserve to be happy and treated with love and respect.

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