Life Is How You See It

‘You are not old until regret replaces your dreams.’ Anon.
Life can be full of opportunities or full of memories of missed opportunities.
How do you know when there is an opportunity for you?
You’ll see opportunities when you are open to learning, to seeing another point of view, when you can accept other people for who they are without judgement.
A tramp on the street is not someone to look down on – we don’t know his / her history, this is an opportunity to help somehow or simply say ‘g’day’.
Losing $20 is an opportunity to be more creative with the food you have in the house or to live without takeaway coffee for a few days.
A plea for help from a local community group is an opportunity to meet new people, to give your time and feel good about it.
Opportunities are not just about other people, taking an hour to yourself on a Sunday morning is an opportunity to re-charge you batteries or go for a run, an opportunity to nurture yourself.
You can go through life dropping opportunities in the ‘too hard basket’ or you can see them as challenges to work on.
It’s all about your point of view, are you a glass half empty person or is your glass half full?
I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you well, whatever your point of view,
I hope you can fill your life with dreams and fulfil your dreams in your life.
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