You can spoil yourself and feel good about it!
Get up early and go for a walk.
Make yourself a full cooked breakfast, with freshly ground coffee.
Telephone friends and family that live abroad or that you won’t see over the next few days- be brief – A quick Happy Christmas and get off the line.
Open your bottle of bubbly – blitz a few strawberries with fresh orange and ice, sieve, add bubbly to your taste and wish yourself a Happy Christmas.
Get lunch organised – you were supposed to shop for your favourite foods over the last few days – did you? I’m not going to feel sorry for you if you are eating beans on toast, that is your choice!
Have another glass of bubbly with lunch – O.K. 2 if you feel that way!
Either settle down for a snooze or watch a corny Christmas dvd or something equally corny on t.v.
Get out for another walk, or go for a drive – watch your alcohol levels. If you had 2 glasses of bubbly you should definitely be walking!
Tea should be a quick affair – did you buy your take away meal and put it in the fridge yesterday? No. Well, tough, now you have to make tea.
There’s some good t.v. on this evening, enjoy it. No, don’t feel sorry for yourself – if you don’t like the sound of this Christmas day you should have been organised to go help feed the homeless or visit some elderly people that have no family, or visit an old people’s home and give out chocolates – it’s all up to you.
Happy Christmas.

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