Christmas Magic

Don’t take the magic away from your children.
I have just read Paul Henry’s memoirs, ‘What Was I Thinking’, a good read. In his book he says he realised he wasn’t keeping the magic with his children, so he got busy and made more magic, he made more of Santa Claus, they went looking for fairies and elves in the garden.
Magic is great for kids – and adults, pure escapism! Make some magic this Christmas. Leave a carrot for Santa’s reindeer and a cup of milk for Santa, eat half the carrot and drink the milk. Write a thank-you note and sprinkle glitter over it.
Take your kids out to look for Santa’s elves on Christmas eve, see if you can spot his sleigh in the sky.
Of course, one day, they will question whether of not there really is a Santa, that’s not the important thing. The important thing is you made some magic with you kids – and you made some wonderful memories!
Happy Magical Christmas.

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