16 Things To Do If You Are Home Alone This Christmas.

Happy Christmas

Go to a mid-night church service –
So that you can sleep in late.
Prepare a breakfast tray before you go to bed –
So that you all you have to do is make the coffee and carry the whole lot back to bed.
Have a very long shower or bath – use loads of smelly stuff!
Mooch around the house in your PJs – because you know you can.
Eat chocolate before lunch – or eat chocolate for lunch!
Play your favourite music very loud.
Watch your favourite dvds – again.
Play your favourite computer games.
Be grateful that you don’t have a family feud going on.
Be grateful that you don’t have kids being sick on the rug.
Eat only what you like – as unhealthy as you like!
Drink a whole bottle of bubbly – over the day, not in one hit!
Have a few laughs – http://www.ahajokes.com/christmas_jokes.html
Be inspired – http://www.clarrissegill.com/videoclips/amazing_grace.php
If you don’t have a fun day write down what you are going to do to make next year a bit different.

Remember, every day is what you make it, – make it a great one.

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