Divert Your Anger Your Kids Don’t Need It
Do you feel guilty for shouting at your kids, maybe you have struck them in anger.
Are you really able to justify losing your temper with a child?
Yes, they can be irritating, but there are ways of managing their behaviour that don’t involve shouting or abusing them.
Make a plan for how you will manage your anger next time it rears it’s head around your family.
There is nothing wrong with anger – just what some people do with it.
Learn to recognise your early warning signals.
• Do your hands get hot?
• Does your stomach get in a knot?
• Does the back of your neck get tight?
There are many other early warning signs that you are getting angry – as soon as you feel it coming on step out of the situation.
Step away from the children!
In an ideal world you will intervene early when your children are doing things you don’t like. You’ll divert them to some other activity. Of course, when they are tiny babies, you may just have to tolerate crying in the middle of the night. Take turns with your partner to comfort the baby.
If, however, your anger rises, do as I say – STEP AWAY FROM THE CHILDREN.
Call a friend for help, be honest, say you are at the end of your rope and you need some help. It’s better to ask for help than to lie about the bruises on the baby.
If you know someone who is struggling to raise their children – for whatever reason, health, money, drugs, – talk to them, if you can’t talk to them let your local social service office know about your concerns – you could save a life.

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