Are you having a great life?

a Great Life

Someone said to me today, “you have a great life”.

I guess I do – now.

What makes a great life? Or rather what makes life great?

I’ve been thinking about that for most of the day, what is it that makes life great?

This is what I’ve come up with.

• Knowing what makes you happy
• Making sure you take some time every week to do what makes you happy
• Noticing the little things
• Being available to help when you’re needed
• Having friends
• Concentrating fully on whatever it is that you are doing right now
• Being busy
• Taking time to take care of yourself

Life evolves and develops, but it can just happen to you. You could compare life to driving a car or taking a bus tour.
When you are driving a car you decide where you are going and you make all the decisions about how to get there. If you are on a bus tour, you decide where you are going and you hope that someone else will get you there. Usually they do, but you won’t have had any control over events along the way, and when you get to the place you have chosen, if it’s not exactly what you thought it would be you are stuck with it, at least until you take another chance and get back on the bus.
If you were driving the car and your destination wasn’t all that you thought it would be, you would simply get out the map, get in the car and find somewhere better.

How often do you do a life check?
• Am I happy?
• Am I healthy?
• Will I have enough money to retire comfortably?
• Am I keeping my body fit?
• Is my job stimulating and satisfying?
• Do my friends and family know that I care about them?
• Do I need a holiday?
• Am I carrying any grudges or anger?
• What are my stress levels like?

If you are answering no to more than a couple of these questions I’m pretty sure that you don’t think you have a great life.

Help is at hand, click on the products page link to go straight to our e-book, “How to get Your Life Back”, work your way through the advice and exercises and you’ll soon be feeling happy, energized, fit, in control, you’ll be living life just the way you want to.
You’ll be having a great life!

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