10 Things That Will Make You Feel Better Right Now!

10 Things To Do Now 

10 Things To Do Now – Presentation Transcript

  1. Right Now! 10 things to do to make you feel better. 10 Things You Can Do Now
  2. Write
    • Write down something that you have seen or done today that has made you glad to be alive.
    • Haven’t seen or done anything?
    • Get out there now and start doing and looking.
    • Put 20c in a parking meter that’s running out!
  3. Notebook
    • Keep a notebook with you, write down things that make you smile.
    • Read it every week, remind yourself that it’s good to be alive.
  4. Friends
    • Call a friend.
    • Send a friend a card saying you are glad to be her / his friend.
    • Invite a friend round for a meal or coffee.
    • Offer to help a friend with a chore you know they’ve been putting off.
  5. Forgive
    • Carrying a grudge or bad feelings about someone is like carrying a huge energy sucking parasite on your back.
    • Release yourself, forgive that person.
    • You don’t have to contact them you just need to forgive them and allow yourself to move on.
  6. Body Mind Soul
    • Whether you like it or not you are made up of 3 parts.
    • Decide now to take care of each part of your being.
    • Exercise and feed you body with healthy food
    • Keep your mind stimulated and active.
    • Meditate or pray, get in touch with your soul
  7. Read
    • Read an uplifting text, an autobiography of someone you admire.
    • Search the web for heroes – read about great achievements
    • Find yourself a hero, follow his / her example
  8. Give
    • No matter how little you have, give some away.
    • There will always be someone worse off than you.
    • Give what you can afford – or give your time and skills.
    • Whatever it is give on a regular basis.
  9. Tell someone you love them
    • Tell your family or partner you love them.
    • Say what you love most about them.
    • Let them know what you appreciate.
    • Watch them glow with happiness.
  10. Smile
    • Smiling changes your body chemistry.
    • Try it, put a smile on and you will soon feel better.
    • Don’t avoid eye contact with people – smile at them.
    • A smile can make someone’s day.
    • It’ll certainly improve yours!
  11. Reward Yourself
    • Give yourself a treat.
    • If you have made the effort to do any of the above you deserve a reward.
    • Care for yourself just the same as you care for your nearest and dearest.
    • If you don’t set a good example about how to treat you – who will?


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