Your Boyfriend Is A Jerk!

How To Lose Friends Quickly.

You can do all the usual stuff like,

  • saying they need to find a diet that works,
  • saying their boyfriend is a jerk,
  • saying their new hair style sucks,
  • saying the new dress looks tarty

yep, there are loads of ways to lose friends. I just tried a new one and boy did it work!

You know how it is when you meet someone for coffee or lunch or whatever and they always groan on about the same thing, yes, we’ve all been there.

Well, today I was feeling just a little strung out when I met Julie for coffee and sure as eggs are eggs she started moaning on about her partner, all the same old stuff I’ve been listening to for years.

“Hey, Julie, how long have we known each other?”

“Oh, about six years, I guess”.

“How long have you been with Greg?”

“We’re coming up for our ninth anniversary next month, why?”

“So, when I met you, you and Greg had only been married for three years?”

“Yeh, so?”

“So, for the last six years I’ve listened to you complaining about Greg almost every time we meet up. He drinks too much, he’s no good in bed, he doesn’t share the chores, his mother is an ass, his father is a letch, there’s not much you seem to like about Greg or his family, and you know what, it’s never going to change until you decide to actually DO something about it other than complain over coffee.”

You know what, Julie didn’t even say bye!

Am I sad, maybe a little bit, but I just can’t spend time being dragged down by people who only want to moan about things. If life isn’t good do something different!

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