What Not To Do If You Are Divorced.

1. Stay home alone living in the past.
2. Become bitter and twisted – sh-t happens.
3. Moan endlessly to your friends and family.
4. Bad mouth your ex.
5. Race out looking for a new partner.
I’ve been divorced and at 50 something I have several friends that have trodden the same path. The difference between the ones that are happy and the ones who are not is summed up in the 5 points above.
Not every one of them did all of these things, but even indulging in one or two of these activities can poison your life.
And, do you know what, after a very short time your friends and family are ‘over it’, they have their own lives to lead. Watch for the ‘glazed over’ look on their faces when you start going over the past yet again.
How much of your life do you actually want to throw away living in the past?
Why shouldn’t you race out looking for a new partner? Because it takes a little bit of time, or a lot, to reflect on what you want out of the next stage of your life, and while you don’t want to live in the past it helps if you can learn from it and understand why you ended up having a divorce.
Even if it wasn’t your fault, you will have contributed in some way. Keeping a relationship healthy and vibrant isn’t easy, I was reminded of that recently when a friend of mine told me I was being too hard on my husband. Thank-you, that was the wakeup call I needed to stop me slipping into old habits.
Two books I think you should get right now,
Get Your Life Back On Track After Divorce will get you going in the right direction,
How To Improve Your Relationship will help you avoid making the same mistakes again – and ensure that your next relationship is the one you really want.

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