This rabbit could get your life back on track!

2011 The year of the Golden Rabbit,

If you are not familiar with Chinese Horoscopes you’ll be wondering what on earth I’m talking about! I won’t go into details here, you can find out about Chinese Horoscopes anywhere on the ‘net.

However, the year of the rabbit, according to those in the know, is a year to,

  • Relax and calm your nerves,
  • Take time for home and family,
  • Negotiation is a key word,
  • Safety, peace and calm are features of the year of the rabbit.

I must say it all sounds good to me, whether or not you believe in horoscopes these are all things that would benefit your busy lifestyle, especially if you are looking for ways to get your life back on track.

Six months ago my first grandchild was born, what a wonderful event that was, having a baby in the family has made me realise how quickly time goes and how little attention I pay to the small details in life. I’m learning such a lot from this baby. She laughs and smiles because she is safe and happy, she cries if she has a problem and trusts that her adults will sort things out for her – which they do. She takes time to look around at things, she holds things in her little hands and looks at them, she tastes them, tries to manipulate them and generally get to know about whatever she finds in her world. She already follows all the key ideas from the year of the rabbit, it’s in her nature. It’s in our nature too, to be focused on home and family, to be calm, to negotiate rather that war, we all want to feel safe, calm and relaxed.

I’m going to take the rabbit’s advice and keep on learning from the newest little person in my life.

I hope you will have a safe, relaxed, calm and happy year.

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