What Do Men Need To Know About Women?

Knowing this one thing could change your sex life forever!

If men understood this one thing about women they would find their relationships more exciting, more fulfilling and sexier!

When women say ‘talk to me’, they are looking for closeness and connection with their partner. When women feel connected and intimate with their partner sex becomes a natural extension of that intimacy.

Men may enjoy sex for the sake of it, women enjoy sex as an expression of ‘togetherness’.

Conversation keeps a couple in touch with each other. It develops and sustains the warmth and security that intimacy depends on.

Many men see conversation simply as a way of sharing information – you tell him what you need him to know and vice versa, end of story. Women see conversation as a way to share thoughts, feelings and information.

Conversation is an opportunity to affirm and compliment your partner for the things you like. Couples that communicate well get opportunities to talk about the things they don’t like as part of normal conversation – otherwise bringing up these topics can be a big deal.

It’s very easy in today’s society to become busy with being busy, to have no time left for common interests. It is good to hear about each other’s day etc., but reporting is not the same as being involved in conversation about a topic or activity that you are both interested in.

If you realise that you and your partner are not having conversations and don’t have interests in common, do something about it now – the gap will only grow wider.

The way to a man’s heart may be through his stomach – the way to a woman’s heart  is most definitely through conversation.

Men are turned on by what they see, women are turned on by what they hear.

So, if you haven’t had sex for a while, you might need to think about what your woman is hearing from you – or not hearing as the case may be.

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