It Is Not Okay For Him To Demand Sex


It is not okay for your partner to come home after a night out with his mates and demand to have sex with you.

It is not okay for your partner to demand to have sex with you at any time.

Kathryn, knows me well enough, we’ve lived in the same street for years, usually we simply pass the time of day and carry on our way, however, today Kathryn had something on her mind.

She allowed her boyfriend of a few months to move in with her. Things had been pretty good she thought it would be fine.

Friday nights have always been ‘boys’ night, that was fine too, she didn’t see him. Now, he comes home to her place – drunk and expects to climb into bed and all over Kathryn.

What should she do?

Easy, tell him to get lost, pack his bags and move him on out before he becomes more aggressive and demanding.

Moving in together does let you get to know someone very quickly – you just have to be prepared to get them out of your life just as quickly.

You’ll find some notes on how to choose your perfect partner at the back of this book,

Dating is not such a bad thing, you get time to know someone well, you get to know their friends and family, you can spend time together in as many situations as possible – but you don’t have your feet under the same table, and you don’t always sleep in the same bed.

Don’t be caught out like Kathryn – having no partner is better than having an abusive partner.

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