How some women keep their husbands.

Fewer people are getting married and more marriages are ending in divorce. One third of all marriages in New Zealand end in Divorce, and most people getting divorced are just over 40, the story is similar in other countries.

Relationships are built on communication – yes, lust or is it love, has it’s place, but if you are not talking to each other you won’t be doing much else together either.

Communication isn’t just about talking of course, it’s just as much about listening.

And relationships are not just about talking and listening, recently I published a little 10 Day course titled 10 Days 10 Ways to Save Your Relationship, this is an excerpt from an email I received from one very happy customer.

“ I clicked your link for a free guide to saving my marriage not really believing that I could save my relationship in 10 days. I have to tell you that Day 9 did it for me, I put myself in my husband’s shoes and thought about all the things you said in the previous days, all the stuff about arguing, respect, negotiation and I thought, he doesn’t see why I get so wound up, he thinks he is doing what he has to do. We have both read your course now and things are getting better every day, I think we can save our marriage. Thanks and God Bless.”

Get your copy here, you could keep your husband.

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