Is Your Love Life Killing You?

Your Health is Affected by Your Relationships.
Latest research for both USA and UK is showing that people with loving supportive relationships and a solid network of friends have better health, are not affected by stress and live longer.
Relationships, if they are positive and loving, can prevent stress induced illness and contribute to your health and healing, so says John Robbins, in ‘Healthy at 100’.
It doesn’t seem to matter what kinds of relationships you have, family, friends, church, sports groups, just as long as you are involved in some sort of social network.
The combination of living a healthy lifestyle and having close social ties seems to give you the very best chance of living a long healthy life.
Several studies have shown that the loneliest people have nearly four times the risk of dying prematurely.
Apparently having a pet can offset some of that risk. Having a dog is good for your health.
That’s the good news.
The bad news is that a stressful or abusive relationship can damage your health. Dr. Kristina Orth-Gomer found that “marital discord dramatically increases the risk of cardiac death in women”. The study took account of other factors and variables that could have affected the outcome of the study. The greatest health risks was seen in women who kept the peace. They may have thought they were saving themselves from stress but in fact they suffered more than women who spoke their minds.
Relationships that make you feel good, safe and loved are no doubt a benefit to your health, but relationships that make you afraid, hurt and upset can be toxic.
Consider these two examples quoted in John Robbins book, ‘Healthy at 100’,
“Dramatic healing for a bank president with chronic hypertension, his blood pressure normalised one day after his wife filed for divorce”.
“Incredible case of a woman with metastasised cancer of the cervix who was considered near to death. Her condition changed dramatically when, in the words of the case report, ‘her much hated husband suddenly died’, where-upon she completely recovered.

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