How will you feel when you discover your partner is having an affair?

You think it won’t happen? Nearly half of all marriages end in divorce and that doesn’t take account of de facto relationships.
Modern society has more than doubled the chances of a relationship ending because one of the partners gets involved with somebody else.
Less than 50 years ago most women stayed at home, raised the children and kept house. Men worked with other men.
Today most women go to work, men and women work in the same offices, in some jobs they will spend long periods of time with their ‘work partner’ who may be of the opposite sex, e.g. police partners.
Close proximity is one of the most common catalysts quoted by people that have affairs. “We worked together, we had to travel together, we talked a lot, we became friends, it just happened”
Your husband or wife probably didn’t set out to have an affair, but it happened.

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