The World Didn’t Come To An End

Did you think the world might end? No, neither did I, but I did get to thinking about how my life might be different if there was some disaster that left me alive but took my lifestyle away.
What would you differently if you were given the opportunity to create a new life?
This is not about getting your present life back on track, this is about creating an entirely new life – what would it look like?
• Would you do the same job?
• Would you marry the same person?
• Would you live in the same town?
• Would you believe the same things?
• Would you manage your money differently?
• Would you have children?
Go on, write down what your new life would look like, get into it!
How did that feel?
Now, is there any reason why you can’t set about making the most of the life you have? O.K. there are some things you won’t be able to change, e.g. if you have children you can’t put them back! But almost everything else is wide open – you can create the life you want.
Dreaming won’t do it, Positive thinking won’t do it, although it will help. Having a very clear idea of what you want and taking steps to achieve it will get you there.
Do you need a few ideas to get started?
Invest in yourself, follow this link now,

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