What Makes You Happy

happy peopleHow to get your life back on track – what makes you happy
• Are you only happy if you are out shopping?
• Are you only happy when you are with friends?
• Are you only happy when your favourite television programme is on?
• Are you only happy when you are out running?
If this sounds like you then you are looking outside yourself for happiness.
Depending on the outside world for happiness is like taking an umbrella out with you to ward off rain!
Filling your life with activities that make you feel good for a little while is like having an addiction. You feel good while your drug is working then you feel bad so you have to have some more.
If you feel that you are only happy when you are ‘doing’ or ‘having’ something, you may need to look at what it is that stops you being happy when you are alone, with time on your hands.
What are you hiding from :-
• Have you put your dreams to one side?
• Are you unhappy in your relationship?
• Is your job getting you down?
• Are you overweight or unfit?
• Do you need to apologise to someone?
Taking time out to be honest with yourself about your true feelings and addressing these issues will give you a firm foundation on which to build your future happiness.
If you’re not sure where to start become a member receive your free workbooks, feel happier and get your life on track.

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