Trish was in tears, divorce can really stuff up your life

Usually I don’t call clients. You have to want to help yourself. It’s not my job to make you decide to change things. You decide that your life needs to be different, it’s my job to help you identify the changes you need to make and help you follow through.
So, today I broke my rule, I called Trish.
You’ll remember Trish, fat, fifty and single!
Trish had missed and appointment, not like her, and she had paid in advance, she was struggling when I saw her last, and with her daughter’s wedding coming up I knew she would be stressed out.
‘Hi Trish, how are you doing?’
‘Ohh, umm, hi, I was supposed to see you, emm, I haven’t, I mean I was’.
I interrupted Trish, ‘Hey, I’m not here to give you a hard time, I just want to hear that you are O.K.’
‘Umm, emm, Oh, hell, no, I’m not O.K.’, Trish was in tears, things were falling apart for her and she was only coping if people weren’t nice to her.
Have you been there. You can cope as long as no one asks you how you are, or says something nice to you.
I’ve been there – it sucks!
You know how it feels when you burst into tears for no apparent reason, you know how it feels when you are at your limit.
Trish was at her limit, she was dealing with her separation, she was trying to stay on top of her job, she was angry with herself for missing out on her exercise and eating plan, and she was trying to be upbeat for her daughter who was planning her wedding, complete with her father walking her up the aisle and her father’s new – younger partner as a guest!
No wonder Trish was stressed.
She did come and see me. We reprioritised some stuff, we took a ‘one thing at a time’ approach and factored in some ‘Trish Time’ every day.
One of my favourite sayings is ‘If you are not good to yourself, you’re no good to anyone else’.
Manage your stress and your busy-ness, the rest will fall into place.
If you are feeling like Trish click here and get your life back on track.

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