10 Ways To Keep Your Husband – or Wife

Are you over forty years old and wondering where your marriage went?
Are you feeling that you stood by your husband through thick and thin, through all the drama and trauma of raising a family only to find that when you were looking forward to spending some quality time together he was off spending time with a younger woman.
Is it male menopause, is the male ego grasping at a chance to prove “I still have what it takes”. Perhaps it’s simply a biological need to have another shot at preserving their gene pool.
Whatever the reason, it is devastating when a marriage of twenty plus years falls apart.
I believe that in many cases it doesn’t need to happen.
Your relationship is just like one of your children, one of your pets, one of your pot plants, if you don’t take care of it, it will die.
Over many years of working with families I have put together a list of strategies in ten key areas that will put most relationships back on track. Thinking; feeling; talking; touching; arguing; negotiating; respect; honesty; understanding; sex.
If you are ‘operating consciously’ in these ten key areas you will be strengthening your relationship every day. However, if you are just ‘reacting’ rather than thinking you are neglecting your relationship.
If you answer yes to most of the following questions my guess is you have been neglecting your relationship.
1. Do you argue about any little thing?
2. Do you resent the time your partner spends with friends or at work?
3. Do you use ‘put downs’?
4. Do you discuss your personal life with your friends?
5. Have you lost respect for your partner?
6. Do you have more negative than positive thoughts about your partner?
7. Do you rarely have meaningful conversations?
8. Do you ‘opt-out’ when your partner tries to discuss things with you?
9. Do you make arrangements to do things that don’t include your partner?
10. Do you rarely have sex?
This isn’t the end of the road, you can save your relationship. I know, it takes two to tango, but one of you has to turn the music on.
You can’t change anyone but yourself, but you can change how other people feel about you by changing the things that you do.
Understanding how to be ‘conscious’ in each of the ten areas above will not only improve your relationship you’ll feel happier and more confident in everything you do.

Best wishes for your happy future.

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