Trish is getting her life back on track

Trish Is Back On Track.

Trish missed an appointment due to the Christchurch Earthquake – understandable, everyone in New Zealand was touched in one way or another.

Life presents you with many opportunities, you just have to have your eyes open to see them.

Trish joined a group of volunteers going to the stricken city to help wherever they could. Trish got a job cooking donated food for volunteers, long hours on her feet, carrying catering size pots of food, clearing tables, washing pots, carrying water, you name it she did it. Well done Trish.

After 4 days she came home, exhausted but feeling very happy to have helped in the relief effort.

The silver lining for Trish – she lost 2kg in 4 days. Trish realises that she was in an extreme situation, she wasn’t eating, she was working long hours, doing a much more physical job than she is used to.

Trish told me that she now realises just how much exercise it takes to shift the kgs, and how little she needed to eat because she was busy!

Trish has some new priorities too. She said that seeing people who had lost everything put her own problems in perspective. She has gone off to review the goals she set for the next six months. I’ll keep you posted.

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