Part 3, Do You Really Intend To Get Your Life Back On Track?

What you expect is what you’ll get.

Let’s stick with the job scene at the moment, I’m sure there are people at your work place that irritate you. You know the kind, they put in the least effort possible, they are always trying to offload work on to you or others yet, when the boss comes by they always look like shining stars.

Are going to let them ruin your day? You may feel angry when you see them playing their games, you may be saying that THEY MAKE you angry, THEY SPOIL your day, the boss MAKES YOU angry because she doesn’t see what is going on – so you go into work expecting to be angry, you choose to engage with that person’s behaviour in a way that makes you angry.

What other choice do you have?

You may choose to see their behaviour as simply a part of their personality – which it is, and choose not to engage with it – which you don’t have to, therefore their behaviour won’t spoil your day.

Become an observer rather than a player. An observer look on with detachment, a player is involved in the game.

Perhaps you have issues at home, you feel that your family make you feel upset. Many people I work with have expectations of what their families and partners should and should not do, yet they have never discussed the options with them.

People, even the people in your family are not psychic. If you are feeling upset or angry about things at home, that’s your business. If you would like things to be different, work out what it is you would like to change, take responsibility for how you feel, speak to your family without blaming and together, come up with a plan for how to do things differently.

You will always get what you think about. Make sure you are not thinking about all the things you don’t have, don’t let your worries dominate your thoughts. Of course you will have to work on solving your problems but spend as much or more time thinking about how you would like your life to be, imagine and visualise what you will do everyday, who you will see, what car you will drive etc., etc., when you have the film show of your new life going in your head, give thanks. Give thanks for it as though you are living it right now, feel how good it is and be grateful.

Just feeling how good things will be will open you up to opportunities and ideas for what you can do to bring these changes about.

To sum up,

  • You choose how you feel about things and people – they don’t make you feel a particular way, you are in charge of that.
  • You will get what you think about – practise monitoring your thoughts and keeping them positive.
  • Imagine, visualise and feel how you would like things to be.
  • Be open for ideas and opportunities that will help you achieve your goals.
  • Be grateful for your new life – as though it was already here.

In Part 4 you can find out if you are making the same mistakes as thousands of other people – and if you are making them over and over again. Identify these mistakes, change your habits, change your life.

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