Part 2 Do You Really Intend To Get Your Life Back On Track?

Are you taking responsibility or are you blaming other people for what is happening in your life?

“Life is the sum of all your choices”, Camus.

Take a closer look at this, your life as it is now is the direct result of the choices you have made – ouch!  That’s pretty hard to swallow, surely what other people do to us has an effect, surely where we are when something happens has an effect. On the face of it I would tend to agree, but when you dig down and ask yourself, why you were with certain people – other than your parents, or why you were in a certain place it all comes back to your choices.

Some schools of thought would go as far as say that we actually choose the families we will be born onto because we need to experience certain things in life – but that is another story for another time.

Maybe you are in a dead end job and feel stuck, there’s nothing you can do.

Wrong! You can get your life back on track.

Why are you in a dead end job, maybe it was all you could get at the time, O.K., but do you have to stick with it, yes, probably until you get a promotion or another job. So you choose to stay there until you choose to do something different.

You need a plan.

How will you get promotion – by being an excellent employee and signing up for any training that is on offer. There is always a ladder to climb.

If you don’t fancy that then you will have to explore other training options, night school, distance learning or looking at ways you can get another job or earn some  money working from home.

Any of these things will change your situation and open doors to other opportunities – you are choosing, you have an intention to do something differently.

None of these things appeal – therefore you choose to do exactly what you are doing now, so don’t expect your life to change.

Yes it is hard, but that is how your choices create the life you are living right now.

In Part 3, find out about how what you expect affects what you get.

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