I’ve Just Told Trish To Keep Her Knickers On!

Trish met up with an old acquaintance, in both senses, at the weekend.
She called me yesterday to say that she had a lovely time but he seemed to think that things would move very quickly to the bedroom.
OMG. Is that all there is to getting to know someone these days.
I asked Trish these questions.
• Are you desperate for sex?
• Are you sure really know about this person?
• Are you ready to begin a new relationship?
• Are you sure you want to be with an older man?
• Are you sure he is not just looking for a free meal and a good night in?

It’s not only young people that feel need the need to jump into bed. Older people still have sex drive, however, they also have more baggage.
If you are still in the recovery process after splitting from a long term partner, give yourself a chance to become familiar with what you really want from your life before you take the risk of repeating the same mistakes all over again.
So, Trish, keep your knickers on, if he seriously wants to get to know you, he’ll wait. If he won’t wait – get out the biggest flag you can find and wave him bye bye.

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