Trish Had A Valentine’s Meltdown

Trish had a Valentine’s Meltdown!

OMG, as soon as Trish arrived for her appointment I could see that she wasn’t happy.

“It’s been one hell of a week” she said, “and to top it all I let myself down yesterday, [Valentine’s Day].

I relaxed back in my chair while Trish told me about her week. Divorce lawyers, abusive phone calls from her ex and she had a diet blow out yesterday.

First things first. Getting your life back on track is not easy, changing habits of a lifetime takes time and a huge amount of effort.

Yes, ‘The Secret’ tells you to visualise the life you want and it will come your way – what they don’t spend too much time on is the work you have to do alongside your visualisation.

Trish was being very hard on herself, we all have bad days – and bad weeks!

It’s like riding a horse, sometimes you fall off, but you just have to get back up and carry on.

The important thing is understanding why you have a setback – in Trish’s case stress and emotional upset. Trish had a bad few days leading up to Valentine’s Day, so she bought herself a large latte and a peach and cream cheese muffin for lunch and had take away food for tea. It’s not the end of the world, it’s done, Trish needs to get over it and carry on with her plan.

Don’t let one bad day knock you off course, accept that it happened, sit down and read your goals and your plan and get on with life.

The real secret is determination and perseverance  – go to it!

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