Take A Walk In My Shoes.

Take A Walk In My Shoes.

I had a difficult situation to deal with today, I had to tell a grown adult that I have only met once before that his behaviour was out of order and unacceptable. I spent the weekend worrying about how he might react, given that he had already verbally abused some of the staff in one of my other businesses. His behaviour embarrassed his daughter and upset other customers.

I do believe in Divine Intervention and today was confirmation that if you ask you will receive.

I was inspired to ask this man what he would do if a member of the public came onto his property and abused and upset his family. His answer was quick,

“I’d sort them out”, he said.

Then there was the silence, the silence that told me he had realised that he had been that person, the one who had upset and abused other people.

The conversation was soon over, he agreed that his behaviour was inappropriate and that in future if there ever was another issue he would deal with me directly.

Why am I telling you this?

Simply to say that putting yourself in the other person’s shoes is always a good place to stand before you react to any situation and to plan how you will respond to any challenge posed by another person.

Take a walk in my shoes’, see things from my side of the fence, work with me not against me.

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