Is Your MOJO Working?

Do you even know what your mojo is?

You can feel your mojo working when you are feeling good about what you are doing, when what you are doing puts a smile on your face. Your mojo is working when you feel good and people notice.

Mojo is about:

  • self-esteem
  • success
  • relationships
  • happiness
  • acceptance

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs states that as human beings we need to have certain needs met before we can fully develop our potential.

These needs are:

  • Physiological – all your basic physical needs, breath, food, water, sex, sleep and bodily functions.
  • Safety – of body, income, resources, family, health, home, morality.
  • Love – belonging, family, sexual intimacy.
  • Esteem – self-esteem, confidence, respect for others and by others, achievement.
  • Self –actualisation – morality, creativity, problem solving, spontaneity, acceptance of self and others. Acceptance of facts.
  • More about Maslow –’s_hierarchy_of_needs

It seems to me that your mojo ought to be working once your basic needs are met, i.e., your physical and safety / security needs. Once you know that you can feed yourself and your family and keep yourself and your family safe you can move onto more psychological and spiritual pursuits, that takes you into mojo territory.

Your mojo may stop working when you have some sort of upset in your life. That may be something like the death of a loved one, redundancy, divorce or separation, too much stress, you know your mojo isn’t working when you feel constantly tired, worried, anxious or you aren’t sleeping well.

So if your mojo isn’t working how do you fire it up again, how do you get your life back on track?

If you would like to fire up your mojo you can choose from any of our books or courses, choose to best suit your situation. Getting your life back on track is getting your mojo working.

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