Fat Fifty and Single – Appointment 3.

Fat Fifty and Single – Appointment 3.

If you haven’t met Trish yet, she is recently separated, over weight and over fifty. She has decided to get her life back on track and is committed to a 10 point plan to get her life back on track.

Two weeks ago Trish set off to change some of her daily habits, she was going to eat better and exercise more. She also had to come up with 3 positive affirmations to help her stay on course.

Today Trish was disappointed that she hasn’t lost any weight, she thought that she had been eating less and has done some exercise but no change.

On closely questioning Trish I discovered that she has cut out some of her treats, e.g. her morning latte, but she hasn’t done anything about portion control and ‘doing some exercise has amounted to a 15 minute walk every other night.

I had to put on my witches hat. Trish, sighed,

“Oh no, here comes the witch of get your life on track”.

Sometimes I just have to be cruel to be kind.

These are the things Trish has agreed to.

  1. She will use a plate no bigger than 20cm diameter for any meal and she will not pile food on it. Each food has to touch the plate.
  2. Between meal snacks will be raw vegetables.
  3. Trish will have one latte, no sugar, and drink water or green tea for the rest of the day.
  4. Exercise to be any good has to increase your heart rate. Trish will take her pulse before she sets off for a walk and will walk at a speed that will increase her heart rate by 1/3, she will maintain that speed for 30 minutes every other day.

Trish’s affirmation for the week – I am eating healthier and walking faster every day.

She is going to put this on her computer as a screen saver, I’m going to email it to her every day and she will write it out to stick in her car and around her house.

Nobody said getting your life back on track was easy!

I’ll let you know how it goes!

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