Dan is Divorced and Lonely

Dan has been separated for 3 years and divorced for 10 months. He is very honest, he says the separation was his fault, he regrets his actions, he says he tried to put things right but his wife and family didn’t want to hear from him.

Dan says he had a mid-life crisis, he felt trapped in his job, his home life had degenerated into a boring routine of getting home late from work, eating a meal alone, his wife would have eaten earlier. Friday nights were ‘boys’ nights, too much beer, too late, not a good start to the weekend.

Dan had a very brief affair with one of the staff from his local bar. His wife found out – as you do in a small town, his daughters disowned him. It’s very embarrassing for young people to discover that a parent is sexually involved with anyone, let alone having an affair.

Now, he has no contact with his family, many family friends are giving him a wide berth, some of his colleagues also seem to avoid his company.

Time is supposed to be a great healer, but Dan seems to think that he has no hope of rebuilding his life while he remains in the same town as his wife and family.

He would love to re-establish contact with his teenage daughters, he would like to be friends with his wife, basically Dan made a mistake and would like to get his life back on track.

Dan is not alone. Very often people feel bored with life, they get into a rut, they long for some excitement and jump into something they will later regret.

Many relationships go through flat periods and it does take some effort to get a relationship back on track.

What can Dan do?

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