Not Everyone Will Want You To Get Your Life On Track.

Not Everyone Will Want You To Get Your Life Back On Track.

Getting your life back on track involves keeping a watchful eye on what you think, say and do. You mind can be your worst enemy, like many people it doesn’t like change.

Self-observation should not become a full time occupation, but it is something that you should spend some time on daily. If you don’t pay attention to your thoughts and actions you won’t be able to identify the things you want to change or monitor the changes you are making.

If you do talk to others about your dreams and hopes and the things you are doing, don’t allow them to discourage you in any way.  You will easily identify the people that don’t really want you to make progress, they are the ones who will try to get you to eat a cake when they know that you are trying to lose weight, or they will laugh at your efforts to get fit.

Recognise their behaviour for what it is – an effort to pull you down to their level.  Many people won’t want to see you making changes and becoming more successful, because they find it threatening, most people don’t really want to think about change.

Keep the following 5 points handy to refer to when you feel discouraged.

  • I am thinking about change
  • I am making change
  • I am changing the way I think about myself
  • I am developing  confidence, self-esteem, new skills and a healthy ego.
  • I am worth it and it is all about me!

Work on one change at a time, for good advice and help along the way, you can either follow Trish on this blog or collect your own 21 day course right here

Good luck and keep up the good work.

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