Vitamin C saves man with swine ‘flu.

I was in the hairdresser’s salon today and picked up a copy of ‘Lucky Break’ magazine. I read an article about how a family had to fight to have vitamin C administered to a dying husband, father and grandfather.

Hospital staff were very reluctant to give this dying man the vitamin C, their choice was to switch off life support and let him die. Only the strength and love of his family convinced them to give it a try. He was going to die anyway, there was nothing to lose. Amazingly he began to recover, but the hospital stopped giving the Vitamin C, the family eventually had to threaten court action to get them to continue. He made a miraculous recovery and one year on is back to full health.

It is worth having a look on the internet for the benefits of vitamin C, it is good for you in many ways, however, nothing can beat the love and support of family and friends when you really need some help.

I’m sharing this because I believe that at times of crisis you tend to rely on the ‘experts’, but you have a duty to inform yourself of other options that may help.

And if you are a medical professional reading this, please, please keep an open mind.

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