Getting Your Life Back On Track After Divorce

Re-establishing your life after a divorce is hard especially if you are afraid of what other people are thinking.
Fear of criticism and fear of failure are two things that paralyse most of us at some time in our lives.
Fear of what other people will think or fear of failure can stop you from even starting a project, e.g. an exercise programme, writing a book, learning to play a musical instrument, cook a meal for friends, let alone getting your life back on track after a divorce. It’s amazing how much we worry about what other people will think.
One way around this is to plan for the disaster, plan for the worst case scenario.
If you think about all the things that could go wrong and make a plan of how to deal with them you can stop worrying. Chances are everything will go right but you will have the comfort of knowing that you have a plan if things go wrong.
Loss of confidence after a divorce is a major problem for many men and women, therefore re-building your self-esteem and confidence is a good place to start getting your life back on track. Do this one small step at a time, choose one challenge to deal with and reward yourself when you have achieved your goal. It might just be that you call a friend and invite them out for coffee or a game of golf.
Regaining confidence after any major life upset always takes time, and it is important to take as much time as you need. Don’t be bullied into things that don’t feel right for you and most of all don’t rush into another relationship until you have figured out what went wrong with the last one. Sadly some people seem to feel that any relationship is better than no relationship, rushing into a new relationship is only asking for more heartache.
Getting your life back on track involves taking stock of your new circumstances, getting back in touch with things that make you happy, keeping up with friends and family and taking care of yourself. If you manage these things you’ll have a strong foundation on which to rebuild your confidence and your life.
Don’t be afraid to take time to treat yourself to some new clothes, a new hairstyle, maybe a holiday, you have come through a major upset and looking better will help you feel better. Feeling better will boost your confidence, if you know you are looking your best you won’t be worried about what other people are thinking.
When you feel confident and happy you are in a better position to attract the kind of partner you would like in your life. Don’t leave things to chance, make a shopping list of the qualities you are looking for in a partner, e.g. kind, good listener, sporty, no debt, etc., you know what you like! Once you have made your list of qualities – stick to it. You wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes that don’t fit, why would you spend your life with someone that you are not happy with!

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