10 Tips For A Carefree Christmas.

1. Get the family together to discuss any plans they have or were thinking about, make plans to get together and share the cooking. Avoid expectations of what other people should do.
2. Stay out of debt, have a secret Santa at your family get together, agree an amount of money to spend in advance. One reasonable present per person is much better than having to buy several and perhaps get into debt or skimp on quality.
3. Shop as far in advance as you can, get the wrapping up done, the cards written, post them early, get that job out of the way.
4. Let your children know that they may not get everything they want for Christmas, put the focus on giving rather that getting. Involve them in choosing and wrapping presents for each other.
5. Do as much of the food shopping as possible at least two weeks in advance, leave only fresh food to get nearer the time. Cook and freeze starters and puddings if possible.
6. Decide what you are wearing, get it ready, get the kids’ clothes ready too.
7. Clean the house the week before so that you can forget it over the holiday.
8. Agree with your partner – or decide yourself what your budget will be – that includes credit cards. Don’t be tempted into last minute spending.
9. Set aside some down time for you and you partner.
10. Relax – if you have planned in advance all will go smoothly – and even if you haven’t planned or things change at the last minute – remember IT IS ONLY ANOTHER DAY!
Happy Carefree Christmas.

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