You may not agree

Are you hanging in there by a thread?
You know what it’s like when you are tired, you’ve had a bad day at work, the kids are scratchy and squabbling, you forgot to get milk on the way home and your partner has just txt to say he’s going to the pub. At least he let you know!
In the 70’s amd 80’s ‘women’s lib’ was a big issue, women were getting out of the home, into the work force, they would have careers, they would compete in the workplace, on equal terms, with men. Women wouldn’t get married, they would only have children if they chose to and so it went on.
Looking back over these 30 years I see that women have indeed achieved some of these things, however, in many areas they have fallen short.
This is how I see it.
Women are out there is the work force – getting paid less than men for the equivalent job.
Women do have careers – but have to juggle them around family life.
Many women do not get married – but the law says that after 2 years of co-habiting the rules are the same – so what’s the deal?
Many women choose carefully when to have their children, yet still feel under pressure to go back to work, putting their children into some form of day care.
Life has changed significantly for women – it has become a lot harder.
Anxiety and stress related to finance, time and child care feature in the lives of most working women. Women are suffering from stress related diseases previously thought to affect only men. Of course men are affected too, however, they usually are able to focus on their careers and leave the homemaking and childcare to their wives or partners.
Divorce rates continue rise year on year and that doesn’t take account of unmarried couples splitting up – so what is going on?
Maybe we need to rethink the roles we play. Perhaps it is enough for one person to do to raise the children and provide home comforts while the other works outside of the home and provides the finances needed to maintain the home and family. Maybe mother nature didn’t get it wrong when she made women nurturers and men providers.

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