Twitter Trending Topics – wish I hadn’t gone there!

Have you got a life?
Sheiswifey! I wish I had never started looking at trending topics on twitter, mostly they just make me mad, take ‘sheiswifey’ for example, if you thought your grandmother or great grandmother existed to look after her husband and family just take a look at some of the stuff on this trend. Most of these people male or female seem to operate from a place where women exist to please men or they don’t exist!
Come on girls, get your life back on track, never mind ‘sheiswifey’ what about love me for who I am and let’s work together as a team!
Subjugating your wishes, dreams and desires to make someone else happy or to keep the peace is never going to give you a life you can feel well pleased about. What it will do is make a place where frustration and resentment can grow to the extent they will affect your physical, mental and emotional health.
Compromise is a necessary part of a relationship but it should happen on a two way street where the traffic flow in either direction is pretty equal.
If you feel you are constantly being backed-up a blind alley or a dead end, if you are doing all the compromising and you are not happy with your ‘sheiswifey’ life, it is possible to change things and improve your relationship at the same time.
You can check out some of my previous posts on this blog, treat yourself to a free course, but whatever you do, get a life, get your own life get the respect you deserve.

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