It’s good to be home again

Just a quick note to say that I’m back from my holiday. I had some time in the U.K. with family and friends and visited Sicily also with family and friends.  I have a few things to say about travel – no thanks to Lufthansa, an airline to avoid whenever possible, many thanks to the taxi drivers in Catania, Sicily, that rescued me at 2.a.m. when my previously booked and paid for hotel room was not available. There will be more……  car breakdown in Augusta, lost in Catania, inspired in Otagia, choked by the smell of drains in Malazzo, good things happened too, we were kindly driven back to our hotel in Caltagerone by our host who chose to hurtle through the very narrow streets without his lights on. When we were lost and asked for directions people stopped what they were doing to lead us to our destinations, we have followed on foot, and in the car and on one occasion followed a bike with the car!

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