Getting my life back on track after a holiday

I’ve just come back from a month long holiday visiting family in the U.K. followed by 2 weeks touring Sicily with friends. Now I have to get my life back on track! You’ll probably be thinking to yourself, well, she should know how to get her life back on track, and you’d be right, I do. However, just like everything else in life that is worth doing it takes some effort. Now, I’d much rather tell you about all the stuff I did and saw on holiday but that won’t help you very much, although I will include a few photographs so that you can share a little relaxation with me. What, I hope will help is a few notes on what I do when I need to get my life back on track. First thing I do is block out a couple of hours  – no interruptions, and I make a few notes and lists, if you read this blog you’ll know that I’m fond of lists. The good thing about lists is that you get to feel really good when you tick something off as done. This is what goes on the list. Priorities – Time frame                                Would be nice  – Time Frame Writing daily, 6- 8p.m.                                  walk daily Animal care, 7-8a.m.& 5-6p.m                   Phone calls & emails – every other day Work commitments 9a.m.-3p.m daily        Visit grand daughter, 3 times weekly. Of course your list will be different and may contain a lot more detail, my daily lists have lots of details, right down to when I’m going shopping and my shopping list. I find that if I do these lists I keep on task and have a daily sense of achievement. It’s good to look back through your notebook occasionally and reflect on how much you have achieved. There is much more involved on keeping your life on track but a good daily structure is essential, knowing what you want to achieve long term and taking the daily steps that take you ever closer to your goal. One of my long term goals was to visit Sicily to see the places my father was in during the second world war. It has taken me 37 years to pull this one off, I’m only sorry I didn’t manage to get there while he was still alive. Knowing what I know now about life and how to have the life you want I would have achieved that goal much sooner, however, I was younger then and had a lot to learn. I hope you can learn from my experiences! This photo is of Otagia, Siracuse, a Baroque town with Roman and Norman ruins, this town is being restored by UNESCO as a world heritage site.  If you’d like to see more photos of Sicily click here

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