Who Should You Talk To If You Have Relationship Problems?

Who should you talk to if you have relationship problems?

First let’s sort out who you shouldn’t talk to!
• The person across the desk from you at work
• One of your girlfriends
• Maybe even your family – unless there is violence involved then you should talk to anyone that can help you.

However, if you talk to too many people about your relationship problems the problems take on a life of their own, and of course the people you choose to talk to will only hear your side of the story and they will usually take your side.

So who should you talk to?

Talk to your partner! Talk to the person you have the problem with.
Talk to a friend that you can trust to be honest with you and who knows your partner.
If it’s really serious, talk to a Relationships Counsellor.

If you follow this blog you’ll know that you get what you think about, thoughts and words create deeds.

Thinking negative thought about your partner or your job or your neighbour sets you up to find more problems. Look for a way to improve things, concentrate on the positives, the things you like about the person.

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You’ll be able to talk about issues without arguing
You’ll find out how to work together to solve problems
You’ll be able to make sure you and your partner both get your needs met.

Get the relationship advice your need.
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