Relationships and Communication.

If we are honest we all want to have successful relationships, especially with our chosen special partner.

You will have seen and experienced many relationships in your life, your own and other peoples.

Some relationships work some don’t.

All relationships move in cycles, usually from tentative through intense to loving, comfortable and supportive or worse even boring or abusive.

If you take time to reflect on your own relationships you will be able to work out where you are on the cycle.

Your relationship depends a lot on how you feel about yourself. If you are not feeling happy and confident it’s hard to help someone else to feel these things.

What you are is what you communicate – and you communicate most with those closest to you.

Often we hurt those we love because we don’t communicate how we are feeling – we express our feelings through behaviour – often angry, hurtful, insulting. Remember abuse comes in many forms, talk about how you feel before you have to act out.

Thoughts Change Feelings

Thinking about what you love about those closest to you helps you to feel loving, when you feel loving you can’t be hurtful or neglectful. Think positive.

Here are some snippets – food for thoughts that can change feelings.

• Believe in life
• Believe in yourself
• Believe in other people
• Believe in what you are doing

• See yourself the way you want to be
• Prepare yourself for this experience – feel what it is like to be in love again
• Stick to your goals – don’t let others take you off track
• Finish what you start
• Keep your plans to yourself

• Smile.
• Be interested in people / your family / your partner
• Get them to talk about themselves
• Express enjoyment in being with them
• Say kind things and pay compliments
• Forget yourself and think of the other person

Twelve Basic Needs –

1. To love and be loved.                             7. To be accepted.
2. To be understood.                                    8. To belong.
3. To have emotional security.                 9. To be needed.
4. To experience variety and change.  10. To feel important.
5. To have self-esteem.                               11. To be alone.
6. To be recognized and appreciated.   12. to find spiritual fulfillment.

If you can go someway towards meeting these needs for yourself and your loved ones, you will have successful relationships.

Peace and Happiness.

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