How to get your sex life back

How to get your sex life back,

This is just a list of some of the topics I’ve dealt with in the last few weeks.

My husband died 3 years ago, I’ve met a younger man who is very interested in me, we have been out to the cinema and for food, all safe. I’m terrified of what is going to happen next, I am physically attracted to him………………

I caught my daughter outside the bedroom door…..

My husband has had a prostrate operation, since then he seems to have lost his confidence about making love, what should I do……….

My son is about to be excluded from school. He says he did not cause the damage he is accused of but is afraid to name the boys that did…………..

You’ll have read on the blog about the school girl that thinks she may be pregnant.

I have decided to respond to some of these issues in the members area, although names and some details will be changed I feel it is important to deal with these issues out of full public glare.

If you have an issue you would like help with do drop me an email.

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p.s. if you would like advice on how to get your sex life back look out for my next e-book, coming soon – it will be announced on this website. it deals with many aspects of revitalising and re-energising relationships.

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