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Hi Mary,

I came across this really powerful quote today.
It goes like this:

“When you complain, you become a living, breathing
crap magnet.”

What an awesome quote! If you take a close look
at your life… can you see periods when you fell
into this pattern and things just kept getting
worse and worse?

I sure have. Most often, I have noticed this in
my relationships. As soon as you start focusing
on the stuff that bothers you the relationships
take a turn for the worse.

It is the best and fastest way to see that
“what you focus on expands.”

That is why I wanted to share this quote with you.
It left a sting in my belly because I had to admit
that sometimes I am a crap magnet. At least now
that I am aware of it, I can also choose to snap
out of it as quickly as I see it.

What is even better is that the opposite is also true:

“When you express gratitude, you become a living,
breathing money magnet.”

So, if you have not expressed gratitude yet, I
encourage you to do so now.

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